How can I pay again or donate money to the Camino for Good Project?

Some finishers would like to keep supporting the project and have asked how they can continue to contribute.

If you pay the full fee for a route on the Virtual Camino App it will always be available to you and you can hit the reset button (under the settings menu) to clear your miles and start again as many times as you want.

Some virtual pilgrims have found the experience so rewarding that they would like to contribute again to continue to support the project.

There is a provision on our website to donate. There are a couple of things that you need to consider...

  1. Camino for Good is a for profit company and your donation is NOT tax deductible.
  2. Your donation is not counted as income in the same way as paying for a route on the app is. We do however take 10% as an admin fee to cover payment gateway and other costs. What this means is that 90% of your donation goes directly to our relief find projects which, at the time of writing is the albergues in Spain.

You can donate any amount you like by visiting our payment page HERE.  Scroll down till you see the Donate Today button.

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