How can I contribute my photos and audio story to the Camino for Good project?

As a virtual pilgrim, you will have seen photos and heard stories from other pilgrims on the camino. Here is how you can help the project provide rich content for others.


We love to see photos from Pilgrims and use them to enrich the experience of the Virtual Camino App as memories for past pilgrims and inspiration for future ones. You can upload your photos by filling in our fore. So that we don't put photos in the wrong place we have set up the form to enable use to place them in the right destinations in the app. Generally people will organize their photos into the days they walked so this is a great way to ensure the photos are in the right place and we have set up our forms to accept one day at a time nominating start and end towns for that day.

If you have photos to submit then click HERE

Here are a few samples to give you ideas. Thank you so much for your contributions.

LindaEedesPhotography-171833 LindaEedesPhotography-171105
LindaEedesPhotography-115050 LindaEedesPhotography-174027
LindaEedesPhotography-222035 LindaEedesPhotography-181845


Audio Stories

We are collecting stories from pilgrims to enrich the experience for virtual pilgrims. Generally, audio stories are between 3 to 5 mins but slightly less or slightly more is OK. Stories can be funny, touching, spiritual, mysterious or  instructional and they can tell of both heartbreak and joy and everything in between. We ask you at the beginning of every story to introduce yourself briefly with your name, where you live and your camino history (i.e. when you walked the camino).

For a sample from Shaylyn - click HERE

For a sample from Linda - click HERE

If you have a story to tell,  We have two ways of receiving them.

  1. If you have a recording on you computer,  you can submit it via a form HERE
  2. If you are recording from your phone, you can send it to us using the share button to our special email address . It would help us a lot if you put your First Name and Last Name as the email subject and a one line title in the body of the email.  (see sample below)
    Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 5.35.20 pm

- By submitting photos and or audio stories you are giving permission for Camino for Good to publish them on the Camino for Good Website and the Virtual Camino App at their discretion.