How do I enter a daily distance in km or miles?

There are different ways you can log your daily distance

You can enter your progress by inputting the distance manually or by syncing with a fitness tracker. As of now, the Virtual Camino app is compatible with Fitbit and Apple HealthKit (iPhone only). 

Below is a description of manual entry - refer to the links above to get descriptions for using the fitness trackers. For more information go to the 'Your Progress' menu item which explains editing and deleting log entries

1. From the dashboard, Click on the yellow '+" button. This will open the distance logging view so you can enter your distance for the day.

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 12.47.44 pm


2. Check the date and adjust if necessary (the default is today's date)



3. Click in the 'Enter km' field and, using the numerical keyboard that opens up, type in your distance for the day. NOTE depending on what distance measurement unit you have set in the settings menu, this field will display km or miles.



4. Click the blue 'Log' button and your distance will be recorded. Depending on whether that distance has progressed you past a town, you may be presented with a 'Congratulations' message so that you can see what content you have unlocked.