How do I get my Fitbit or HealthKit (Apple Watch) to work with other routes?

Instructions for Using your fitness tracker with the Finisterre-Muxia or Norte routes

Currently, Fitbit can only sync with one route at a time.
If your fitness tracker is not syncing to the correct route, there is a chance that it is still syncing with a previous route (e.g. Camino Frances) instead of the Finisterre-Muxia route.
A good way to confirm this is to go to the Settings page and look at the route that is displayed next to the Fitbit tracker. If you see that Camino Frances is next to Fitbit (like the screenshot below):

1. Make sure you have switched to the route you would like Fitbit to sync to:


2. Got to the Settings page, click "Disconnect" from Fitbit. You will be prompted with a dialogue box to Delete Logs or Save Logs . Pretty much you will always choose 'Save Logs'


3. Re-connect to Fitbit. Then your Fitbit will sync with the route you switched to.