What is the $60 USD cost in other currencies - GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD,

The price in countries other than the US vary each day. Here is a conversion tool

There are two ways that you may be asked to pay for the virtual Camino App:

  1. Via Apple (if you have paying from within the Apple store App)
  2. Via our Stripe secure payment Gateway. https://app.caminoforgood.com

People from countries other than the US have noted that the price Apple charges does not necessarily represent the current exchange rate. The reasons for this are apparently many and varied and internal to Apple and reflective of the various tax structure of the country in which Apple is trading. For our purposes our preferred payment method is through our stripe gateway rather than Apple. Apple deducts a significant portion of your fee before they make the funds available.

International currency exchange rates vary from moment to moment and each financial exchange institution sets its own prices. Any conversion rate is therefore likely to always be slightly (or significantly) different when it is shown on your bank statement. 

We have provided a link to a currency conversion tool HERE. Note we are not affiliated

Using the above link, at the time of writing (May 8 2021) the following rates applied to $60 USD

Australian Dollar - AUD $76.26

Canadian Dollar - CAD $72.52

Euro - EUR €49.21

British Pound - GBP £42.76

South African Rand - ZAR R827.44