What is the Camino For Good Virtual Camino App?

A quick summary of the Virtual Camino App

The Camino for Good Virtual Camino is an App that can be accessed via a browser from your phone or desktop computer using a browser such as Chrome or Safari. Or, once you have signed up, can be downloaded from the Android or Apple store.

The idea is that you undertake to walk in your local area and each day you log your distance into the App. You will see your equivalent progression along the Camino Frances on the interactive map where you can get a real feel for the landscape and village life of the regions you pass through. The total distance of the Virtual Camino Frances is 485 mi/ 780 km. Other routes will be added in the fullness of time.

As a way of keeping you motivated, the App has rich content in the form of thousands of photos and audio stories, local history and motivational quotes for each camino route.  The content gets unlocked as you virtually travel through the destinations along the way.