What types of activities can be recorded as miles or kilometres in the App?

Running, walking, swimming, biking, kayaking - working or recreation - which ever way you want to do it.

There is a very good saying around the Camino... It's YOUR camino!

What this means is that nobody can really tell you what is the right or the wrong way to 'do' the Camino and certainly we don't try to tell you here what you must do.

We have virtual pilgrims who do a lot of walking at work and doing the Virtual Camino has changed the way they think about their workday. Others use dedicated exercise regimes to be 'their' Camino.

The 'Your Progress' menu allows you to add your distances manually. Fitbit and Apple HealthKit sync support is also available through the 'Settings' menu.

As Frankie sings... I Did It My Way!

Buen Camino