Which routes does the $60 flat rate give you access to?

How to pay for routes in the Virtual Camino App

The Virtual Camino App was originally launched with the idea that by walking in their local area people would be able to progress virtually along the Camino Francés, the most widely know and most popular route. 

There were two choices of payment to be able to walk these routes. A flat fee of $60 or a subscription of $12.00 per month. What to purchase became a choice based on estimated time it would take to finish the 785 km of the route.

As pilgrims started finishing the route in the Virtual Camino App, people were asking to be able to continue on to Finisterre and Muxia which is a popular choice regular pilgrims may make when they reach Santiago. To this end, we commissioned a major upgrade to accomodate further routes.

As of July 1st 2021 the Virtual Camino App was upgraded to be able to add more than one route with the initial launch being the journey from Santiago to Finisterre and back to Santiago.

For people who originally paid with a subscription, you will be able to continue your journey to Finisterre and back without further purchase.

For people who paid the flat fee of $60 (or other discounted amount) the Finisterre route will need to be purchase for an additional $20 USD. If paid through the Apple store, this amount may differ slightly in different countries depending on the Apple App Store policy in your country.