Why am I being asked to pay again when I've already paid?

Don't pay again! this can be easily resolved - Information about the free trial, the paywall and my sign in account.

The Camino for Good Virtual Camino app offers a free trial with limited features. The free trial allows you to log distances up to 5 miles (8km). Any distances after that will cause you to hit a 'paywall' where you will be asked to pay.

The App provides four account registration options (Google, Facebook, Apple, Email). When you originally paid, or when you originally registered for the free trial, you would have signed up with one of the four methods.

The most common reason pilgrims get asked to pay again (i.e. hitting the free trial paywall) is when they are now using a different sign in account than the one originally used to pay - essentially starting a new free trial.

Check that you are trying to sign in to the app using your original account.

This can be fixed if you contact the tech support folks by filling in this FORM