Why am I getting the message 'Match the requested format' when I try to sign in using the email button?

There is currently a bug in the Virtual Camino App that affects some Apple Safari browser pilgrims.

A small number of users are being affected by a bug that appears to be isolated to some versions of the Safari browser on iPhones and Apple computers.

The bug occurs when you are trying to sign in using the 'Email' button. After entering your email address and password when you click the 'Login' button a message will pop up above your email address saying "Match the requested format'.

There is a table below with samples of the message on a computer and on a phone.

While the development team is working on a universal fix, there are a few things you can do to get around this problem.

  1. Use Google Chrome browser (phone or computer) - copy and paste this link - https://app.caminoforgood.com/dashboard
  2. Upgrade you Computer or Phone to the latest operating system.
  3. Contact Tech support using this FORM


What it looks like on a phone


What it looks like on a Computer